Established in 2009, F&L is one of the smallest commercial breweries.  We are an authentic local brewery, hand crafting world class beer for the North Olympic Peninsula along the shore of the Salish Sea.  An award-winning homebrewer, water engineer (retired) and history fan, Tom Martin, launched the brewery on May 5, 2009.  This day was the 217th anniversary of the crew of the HMS Discovery dropping anchor off Diamond Point and rowing ashore about 5 miles from today's brewery location.  Here, in 1792, the crew brewed beer on the beach, and a couple weeks later, quaffed the first beer in the Pacific Northwest.

Our mission is to make world class beer, and as much as possible, brewing with locally grown ingredients and pairing them with local food stuffs.  Carry on the tradition of the mariner-brewers of 1792 by sustaining the health and good will of our fellow beer drinkers to boost their spirit of discovery of new flavors.


​​​Fathom & League Hop Yard Brewery TM

is a part-time brewery. We bring beer to the world, but mostly serve locally.  Like the slow-food movement that we embrace, our growth has been slow, but steady.  We have global aspirations, and not nearly enough time.

Fathom & League Hop Yard Brewery